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Q&A with Tommy Clarke

The renowned helicopter photographer

· Travel,Inspiration

Late last year, I had the honour of learning more about aerial photographer, Tommy Clarke, when he answered a few questions of mine for my travel and digital nomad page, EASE CO. While I'm currently working on a few other projects, I wanted to share Tommy's words with you all again because he is wonderful inspiration for those wanting to embark on their wildest dreams. Personally speaking, I felt like Tommy's responses encouraged me to further explore my current unconventional life as a freelance strategist/consultant and digital nomad. It just goes to show that whatever it is you want to do, you've just got to start. Enjoy the interview below. - Karen

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Tommy shooting the salt ponds of Useless Loop, Western Australia. Source: @tommy.clarke

Forget written to-do lists, Instagram has become our mood board for travel inspiration and we are 99% sure that you have already stumbled upon Clarke’s stunning aerial photography. If not, you’re welcome.

The self-taught photographer has always been drawn to how people around the world connect to water and land. His first few works centred around beaches and landscapes (Shark Bay and Antigua), and gradually expanded to explore colour patterns and edges like his series of salt lakes in Utah and San Francisco.

We asked Tommy 3 questions about his life. Read on and see his 3 favourite shots so far from his travels.

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Tommy’s Top 3: Bondi, Australia. See more in the ‘Shore‘ series.

Your first aerial shoot series was Bondi, called ‘Shore’, what made you decide afterwards that travelling and specifically shooting out of planes and helicopters would become your life?

Tommy: “After that first shoot over Sydney, I didn’t actually do much with the photos for a while. I didn’t get the weather I wanted on the day, it was stormy and I thought I had kind of stuffed up a bit after saving up for so long to do the shoot! But a friend asked for a print of one of the shots and suggested I do an exhibition for friends and that lead to lots of sales and enough money to fund another shoot. It gave me an opportunity to show people incredible places from a new angle and getting to hang out of a helicopter whilst capturing that only increased the interest in my photos.”

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Tommy’s Top 3: St Tropez, France. See more in the ‘St Tropez‘ series.

What destination has really stuck with you after all this time?

Tommy: “Shark Bay in Western Australia was utterly incredible. I only had 5 days there but it was what I’d always hoped for – rich red sands, blue waters, and dolphins and sharks everywhere. It’s somewhere I’d love to go back to and explore even more.”

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Tommy’s Top 3: Shark Bay, WA, Australia. See more in the ‘Shark Bay‘ series.

How has travelling changed you in any way?

Tommy: “I think travel opened my eyes to what the world has to offer and in turn, what I can offer. I am no longer satisfied with mediocre, I have a desire now to see and capture as many beautiful places as I can while I’m on this planet! Travelling is the best and most contagious disease and I am over the moon to be infected!”

Tommy’s photography-artworks are available for purchase at

Follow Tommy’s adventures on Instagram at @tommy.clarke

Karen P'ng is a Freelance Consultant specialising in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content. She helps brands via onsite and remote collaborations. With Sydney as her home base, Karen travels every 2-3 months to give social media talks, consultations and work with any international clients who require onsite collaborations.

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