• A digital consultant growing brands with social media marketing & content strategy


  • I've worked with...

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    Talent Marketplace & Job Boards

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    Weather Services & Media

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    E-Commerce & Fashion

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    Education & Careers

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    Events & Lifestyle

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    E-Commerce & Furniture

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    Property Investment & Financial Services

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    Talent & Creative Marketplace

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    Photo Installations & Events

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    Pet Supplies

  • On the job

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    General Assembly x The Grounds of the City "Ask Me Anything" Speaker Series, November 2018

    Host & Event Moderator

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    THE ICONIC SPORT x Nike NTC Tour event, December, 2016

    Event coverage via Snapchat and Instagram live stories

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    Lime&Tonic Dining Experience Photo Shoot, April 2018

    Creative direction and styling.

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    General Assembly 'Get Social: Social Media Masterclass', July 2017

    Main speaker event

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    AdVisible Tailored Social Media Workshop, March 2017

    Consultant, Instructor & Facilitator

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    One of the best ways we discover is to talk to others. This is a place where I want to speak to everyone (except the manager) about the big and little things that are worth knowing in life, work, development and everything in between. Sign up for non-spammy updates on the launch of this podcast and blog or follow my IG @karen__png.

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    Just like my plans for 2022, this website is currently in progress.


    Thanks for stopping by.


    What's changing? My site has helped all my potential, past and current clients find me for 5 years. For a below-average website, it definitely exceeded my own expectations! But as I continued with my work, it simply existed. Going forward, I'd like it to have purpose. It's an extension of me - not just my work or professional self, but a platform where I can share with the world, with or without judgement.


    What's not changing? I'm still a freelancer. I'm still based in Sydney and working remotely for clients across content strategy, social media, digital marketing and copywriting.


    Say hello. You can find me on LinkedIn or email at hello@karenpng.com.



  • Services

    I help new and established brands to find their feet or their next big direction.

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    Social Media Marketing & Content

    Social Media and Content

    Build a strong social media and content strategy customised to your brand's audience and business objectives. I help brands set the structure and guidelines so they can go full steam ahead with their social media efforts, or if they need additional help, we handle content creation, execution and social media management too.

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    Consultations & Workshops

    Ideation, Workshops, Upskilling

    Teach a man how to fish and he'll never go hungry. I offer 1:1 consultations onsite or via phone and online covering areas of expertise including:

    • Social media strategy (incl. guides and templates)
    • Content strategy (incl. guides and templates)
    • Business strategy
    • Copywriting 101
    • Effective brainstorming

    Take advantage of insights and advice in a 1-hour kickoff consultation for $200 + GST.

    Book now

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    Copy and content writing

    Copywriting services are available for SEO, landing page optimisation, campaigns, emails, social media, editorial, travel and blogs.


    I love sharing and teaching others what I do, come along and say hello at my next event.

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    Workshop: Instagram for Business

    @ General Assembly Sydney

    Tue 30 July 2019 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm (AEST)

    General Assembly Sydney Campus

    Cost: AU$50 per person

    As one of Australia’s fastest growing social networks of our decade, Instagram has risen to the top of the content food chain, and is constantly adding new features and tricks for you or your business to explore. Instagram is a content and storytelling haven with a community of engaged users, ample features and unique DNA that allows you to creatively share in real-time. In this workshop, you will learn about best practices, strategies and actionable steps to begin leveraging Instagram for your business, project or even your personal life.

    Get tickets now

  • Blog

    Social media updates, inspiration for the like-minded and personal ramblings.

  • About Me

    There are millions of people who want to create amazing things, but the 9-to-5 full-time schedule restricted me from helping them. So, I took matters into my own hands and became a Sole Trading Consultant. I work with people and businesses that I believe, because that's the only way to dedicate 100% of my brain, heart and soul to my projects.


    When I'm not working, I'm travelling, sharing my work/life experiences, practicing yoga and exploring new cafes.


    Some of the things I'm most proud of are...



    the brand voice for Australia's largest online fashion retailer.

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    the way a marketing department runs its campaigns to put its community and customers first.

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    team members and their skills for improved output and outcomes.

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    My Values

    We'll get along if you are

    Agile, passionate, hardworking, creative, genuine, and open to thinking differently.

  • What they say

    No one likes to toot their own horn. So I asked the people I've worked with for their two cents instead.

    "With her pragmatic attitude she has driven projects with a strong collaborative mindset that leverages the skills and efficiency of each individual within the team – a great balance of output and outcome."


    - Patrick Schmidt, CEO, THE ICONIC

    "Karen was recommended to us by a close friend and came with great recommendations as well as fantastic experience, working with a wide of range of brands. She was prompt, professional and above all else, efficient on a time scale that we’d never experienced before. She was worth every single dollar."


    - Lucy Bloomfield, Co-Founder, Trefiel

    "Karen knows how to find the best copy to convey the right message on any devices or channels. She always gets things done no matter how tight the deadlines are and always go the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect."


    - Aurelien Labonne, previous Head of UX & Product Management, THE ICONIC



    Listen to my ramblings about freelance life, productivity, work/life balance, motivation & more.